5 Ways To Improve Your Squat

The squat is one of the fundamental movement patterns, yet the amount of people who can actually sit in a deep squat comfortably is alarmingly low. Chances are, you fall into this category, otherwise why else would you be reading an article about improving your squat?

Before we dive into the how of improving your squat, let’s first talk about why you might be having difficulty squatting in the first place.

Your Stance is All Wrong

We are not saying that we are better than anyone else and have found the one secret squat stance that works for every, single person. In reality, there is no ONE perfect squat stance and the position you use should be completely individualized to you.

Poor Ankle Mobility

When you think of the squat  the ankle may not be the first thing you think of. But ankle dorsiflexion is a must if you want to squat well.

Common movement compensations seen are:

  • Heels raise off the ground

  • Feet spin outwards as you descend into the squat

  • Increased forward torso lean

Poor Hip Mobility

Good hip rotation (both internal and external rotation) mobility is a sign of healthy hips. Without this, your squat mobility will suffer.

You also need to look at flexion and extension range of motion. Flexion is necessary for the descent, but hip extension is necessary for the lock out.

Poor Spine Mobility

A spine that doesn’t move well doesn’t have the ability to disperse forces well. This will limit the relative ease in which you can squat with. Also, to get into a deep squat, you will need spine flexion and extension mobility.

You Just Need to Squat More

There are many people who have the necessary mobility to squat but they continue to struggle anyway. That is because they simply need to build strength and control.

The videos below will help you address each of these potential causes and improve your squat.

Video 1: Perfect Squat Stance

Video 2: Ankle DF Mobility

Video 3: Hip Capsular CARs

Video 4: Segmented Cat/Camel

Video 5: Goblet Squat

Happy Moving!
The Perfect Stride Team


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