Active Release Techniques in New York City

Active Release Techniques® (ART®) is a soft tissue treatment system that is designed to effectively locate and treat muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, fascia or connective tissue based pathology. The system is based on the principles of effective diagnosis and treatment. The practitioner is able to use their hands to effectively find aberrant tissue traits that allow for them to focus their treatment to those areas.

ART® soft tissue management system is founded on scientific evidence that our muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue develop adhesions within and between them produced from a variety of injuries including: cumulative (chronic injury), acute (sudden injury), and pressure (due to our daily habits). The developed adhesions alter the motion of muscles or joints, producing symptoms including weakness, pain, reduced range of motion, tingling and numbness.

The treatment will focus on the practitioner applying a precise amount of tension to the involved tissues while the patient will actively move in specific patterns to restore optimal function and alleviate pain. Active Release Technique® is similar to deep tissue massage and or myofascial release but differs in the way it approaches soft tissue manipulation.  There is no sliding on the skin or skin tension.

ART® is effective in treating muscles, ligaments, and tendons congested with fibrotic tissue or adhesions throughout the body by freeing up their ability to function and thereby reducing pain.

ART® can also be helpful in treating peripheral nerve entrapments wherein nerves have become entrapped by “scar tissue” and have tension or pressure exerted during certain positions or movements. The goals of Active Release Techniques® are to stimulate lymphatic system functioning to reduce inflammation and promote the flow of joint fluids throughout your body restoring flexibility.

Active Release Techniques® differs from massage in the use of the movement of the limb, or spine under tension, and the attention to anatomical detail and possible nerve entrapments in the area.  Active Release Technique calls for the hands to feel for abnormal or damaged tissue in muscle, tendons, ligaments and/or fascia (abnormalities present will have a different texture and tension affecting movement and functioning  that a patient is able to perform).

Active Release Techniques® Can Treat Numerous Injuries:

Active Release Techniques® is effective for soft tissue ailments born from chronic tissue shortening or restriction, including difficult to treat painful conditions like sciatica, carpal tunnel and frozen shoulder.  Also, abnormal tissue that goes unnoticed can manifest into an injury.  Symptoms of injured tissue include a tightening feeling due to a shortening of the muscle. Activities that used to be easy become difficult –   stiffer golf swing rotation, or struggling to reach your seatbelt.  A limited range of motion, reduced mobility, poor biomechanics, and loss of strength can all be identified and corrected by applying Active Release Techniques®.

What Our Clients Think

“Perfect Stride is a wonderful place to go for physical therapy. The location is very easy to get to as it’s located one block from Union Square Station. The space itself is always very clean, bright and outfitted with all the necessary equipment needed for a great experience with modern tables and good fitness equipment. The staff is superb from the person greeting you at the front desk…..”

- Ari T. (5 Star Google Review)

"Perfect Stride is perfect. Following two separate bike accidents and having seen other PT practices in the past, Perfect Stride is by far and away the best. Their personal attention, ability to listen, and make the process of recovery almost ‘fun’ is truly outstanding."

- Adrian H (5 Star Google Review)

Do you need help with movement?

At Perfect Stride we work with clients on an individual level, allowing you to be an active team member in your treatment and health.

What is personalised Physical Therapy?

  • A one-on-one session with your Doctor of Physical Therapy.

  • A Physical Therapist that has time to listen, assess, re-assess and treat you through manual/hands-on techniques, education about your condition and movement based treatment.

  • Time spent discussing your short & long-term goals and how we are going to crush them.

  • A plan of care that is centered around your schedule and needs.

  • A Home Exercise Program (HEP) with customized and highly effective exercises that you can do anywhere.

If you want to know how Perfect Stride can best help you, we offer FREE 15 minute discovery calls with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

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