Angus Ma

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Angus graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelors in Human Biology, and went on to pursue his Doctorate of Physical Therapy with the College of Staten Island. He has experience working with high school and college athletes and helping them get back to competing at a higher level than before. Angus has also worked extensively with post-surgical cases including ACL-reconstruction and Achilles repairs, as well as lower back pain, and various other orthopedic conditions.

In order to expand his clinical knowledge and better help his clients, Angus has taken multiple courses and mentorships under various high level performance coaches and clinicians throughout his time in PT school, including The Art of Programming and Exercise Selection, Train Harder and Smarter, as well as Building Physiological Reserves under the First Principles of Movement group. He is always looking for other resources/courses to learn from and become as well-rounded as possible.

Angus has multiple years of experience competing in both Cross Country and Track and Field, and has since switched over to running road races instead, looking to run in the 2025 NYC Marathon. In his down time, Angus enjoys weightlifting, bouldering, hiking, watching anime, and playing video games. 

What's it like to work with Angus?

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What is personalised Physical Therapy?

  • A one-on-one session with your Doctor of Physical Therapy.

  • A Physical Therapist that has time to listen, assess, re-assess and treat you through manual/hands-on techniques, education about your condition and movement based treatment.

  • Time spent discussing your short & long-term goals and how we are going to crush them.

  • A plan of care that is centered around your schedule and needs.

  • A Home Exercise Program (HEP) with customized and highly effective exercises that you can do anywhere.

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