3 Things I Have Learned As An Intern

Today’s blog post comes from the perspective of one of our interns.  Fresh faces offer new perspectives, so we think it would be interesting to share the insights of a soon-to-be physical therapy student and his perspective on what we do here at Perfect Stride Physical Therapy. 

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Asking The Question “How Do You Get Rid Of My Pain”

How do you get rid of “enter your pain here?”  This is the age old question everybody wants answers to.  This question gets funneled to physical therapists all the time through social media, phone calls, family members, friends, and face to face interactions with patients.

Feeling Movement

In this week’s blog post we challenge linear ways of thinking, offer ways to bring your patient into assessments and help you make the right decisions with treatments!  

Face off with headaches

Joe Gambino writes about an often overlooked contributor to headache pain.  Don’t let your face be the missing link that keeps your headaches from slowing you down. 


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