Re-Thinking Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

In this weeks blog we speak about a very common treatment tool, and offer new insight on how to incorporate it into your practice

Pillow Talk

Were you like us and always wondered where pillows got their start and if they were really ever proven to “alleviate pain” and “restore posture”?  Come join us as we dive into the history of pillows and some recent research to see if they hold up to the claims we commonly see advertised.

Are We Getting Better?

In our latest blog post we explore and ask a tough question:  Despite all the advances in technology and medicine, why does it seem like we continue to fight an uphill battle with injury and prevention.  

The Best Exercise You Are (Probably) Not Doing

Joe Gambino PT, DPT, CSCS discusses one of his favorite core strengthening exercises that he utilizes during his training and treatment sessions with clients – The Kettlebell Pull Over.  

Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

In this week’s blog Joe LaVacca discusses the potential pitfall that all healthcare professionals have made at one point or another by using a very popular movement assessment and treatment as an example.  

The Insurance Conundrum: Understanding Your Health Insurance Coverage

With Obamacare, rising healthcare costs, decreased quality of care and more uncertainties popping up in healthcare seemingly everyday, our office manager Austin Shiurna offers his advice in muddling through the mess to make sense of your questions and concerns about insurance and being an informed consumer!

Continuing Education: Do We Own What We Learn?

Our latest blog focuses on the topic of Continuing Education.  There are a lot of courses out there.  How do you choose?  We feel the most important thing is how you apply and own what you learn – not simply taking courses to earn credit.  

Dry Needling versus Manual Therapy

This week’s blog focuses on the growing debate and popularity of Trigger Point Dry Needling and how it compares to manual therapy as shown in the most recent research.  Co-written by Joe LaVacca and Taylor Huang, SPT.

The Derek Rose Dilemma: Is He Injury Prone, or is His Rehab Lacking?

Joe LaVacca and Joshua Jordon collaborate on our next blog and offer their thoughts and expert opinion on the latest Derek Rose injury, his rehab progression and what causes athletes to be re-injured.  

Functional Range Release: Course Review

The Functional Anatomy Seminars consist of 3 systems covering all aspects of musculoskeletal care and optimization.In addition to being both the creator and head instructor of Functional Anatomic Palpation Systems (F.A.P.™), Functional Range Release (F.R.®) Techniques, and Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)™, Dr. Andreo Spina has also authored chapters in various sports medicine textbooks, is a published researcher, and internationally renowned speaker on the topics of manual therapy, soft tissue assessment and treatment, mobility/flexibility training, and physical conditioning.  We had the opportunity to take FRR of the Upper Limb this Winter and enjoyed it thoroughly.    


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