Running Form Fundamentals

Here in our clinic we treat runners of all levels, and while our manual techniques and rehab exercises assist our clients in returning to running, we find that education on parameters of running including form, training modalities and training schedules are often what make the longest lasting impacts. Running form is typically only one small… Continue reading Running Form Fundamentals

How Many Miles Should I Be Running?

Everyone’s body is different and the amount of training stimulus one can handle is dependent on a multitude of factors (some of which fluctuate each day) including training and injury history, genetics, stress, recovery, nutrition and more.

Do my Shoes Matter? Footwear vs. Injury Prevention for Runners

Runner’s always ask about what shoes they should wear and how it relates to their deficits and injury risk.  Here we take a look at some of the most recent evidence and suggestions regarding shoe wear and type.  


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