Do my Shoes Matter? Footwear vs. Injury Prevention for Runners

Runner’s always ask about what shoes they should wear and how it relates to their deficits and injury risk.  Here we take a look at some of the most recent evidence and suggestions regarding shoe wear and type.  

Fitness vs Rehab: Prescribing a Patient’s Home Exercise Program

Joseph LaVacca provides a commentary on exercise prescription/progression including the potential pitfalls and shortcomings we as healthcare practitioners can fall into based on his past experiences.  

Part 4: Power Lifts for Rehab and Injury Prevention

Learn about the different power lifts that can be used in a rehab context.

Part 3: Programming for Power Training

Learn how to program for power training in a rehab context.

Part 2: Muscle Power & Power Training

Learn about what muscle power is and how it relates to power training.

Part 1: Perfect Stride PT’s Power Training Series

Learn about the nuances of power training in a rehab context in a blog series by Perfect Stride Physical Therapy in Union Square, NYC.

2014 in Review: What We Learned, and Where We are Going

Welcome to the Perfect Stride Blog! We are excited to begin another track in our never-ending endeavor to provide superior, patient-focused quality care. As we begin this journey, we felt it was important to look back at where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and where we’re going.


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