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Greg Lehman

Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science
Rescheduling to Fall 2022

Running Focused - Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science is the running injury management version of the popular Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science course.

We teach the principles of the practical applications of biomechanics and pain science and apply them to the problems associated with managing and treating endurance running athletes. Most of the case studies used to illustrate the principles are running related. Exercise prescription is always running related. The management of all the loads and stressors that influence running is specific to the injured runner. Case studies illustrating "cognitive restructuring" or "pain science" is running related. This course is essentially the RBPS principles but applied to running athletes.

Running injury assessment, gait analyses, running biomechanics and running injury treatment are unnecessarily complicated. The research in the area is vast but unfortunately the clinically applicability is poorly delineated. The aim of this course is to provide a pathway and clinical reasoning framework for the therapist to work with runners and endurance athletes of all abilities while applying the best evidence available.

Chris Johnson: Assessing the Runner

Performing a gait analysis and gait retraining
Coming Soon! September 2022

Come join us for an introduction into many things running including . . .

We will be . . .

These courses are limited to licensed health professionals (MD, DO, PT, DC, ATC)

Gait Happens: Functional Gait Assessment

Functional Gait Assessment: Level One
Early 2023

This course is an in-person 16 contact hour course designed for health care practitioners. It will provide advanced knowledge and understanding of lower extremity biomechanics in the gait cycle, as well as specific assessment strategies for the lower quarter with the purpose of restoring function, eliminating pain and normalizing gait for musculoskeletal patients.










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