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When working with individuals who present with running-related injuries or want to maximize their running performance, tracking variables such as ground reaction forces, loading rates, contact time, stride length and cadence can be extremely useful. Our wearable DorsaVi sensor technology allows us to do this and more.

We effectively combine the fields of exercise science, bio-mechanics and physical therapy with the latest technology to help us observe, assess, and treat movement. At Perfect Stride we employ dorsaVi, a wearable computerized technology that enables us to identify and analyze the way you move, whether you’re exercising, working, or running.  The DorsaVi technology sensors are attached to your body  noninvasively.

Our DorsaVi adds an essential insight to deriving a physical therapy diagnosis, the ability to accurately track movements in real time. The data is collected by strategically placed sensors on the body. These sensors transmit the data while the patient or athlete is in motion, recording data at up to 200 frames per second.  The data is then fed to a device (computer or tablet) where it is presented as useful information allowing us to pinpoint where problems exist, discern the correct diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment options.  The optimal exercises can accelerate any needed healing and or lead to more efficient and improved movement for the patient or athlete.  

The benefits of using dorsaVi are vast, we can get a clear picture of what is going on with your movement and muscle activity.  With dorsaVi, much of the guesswork is taken out of isolating problem areas and determining the source and cause of any pain-points. For instance, placing the dorsaVi sensors on the lower back of someone with low back pain could potentially lead to more precise treatments than traditional approaches to pin-pointing pain while running.  

The benefits of Dorsa Vi Motion Analysis include:

  • Accurately quantifies athlete’s movement inefficiencies that impact risk of injury and athletic performance.
  • Provides a sensitive measure of limb symmetry for determining risk and return-to-play.
  • Mitigates risk and enhances performance with the testing and corrective program developed based on results of assessment.
  • Tracks recovery and progress.

Who can benefit from a Dorsa Vi Motion Analysis

  • Runners who are injured or looking to run more efficiently 
  • People with poor body awareness
  • People with poor postural/movement habits
  • People with altered movement patterns due to neurological disease
  • Elite athletes requiring sensitive biofeedback to analyze and correct their technique

Our DorsaVI Protocol

1) History

  • We begin every visit with a detailed history, we want to know about you! Knowing how you train, what goals you have, as well as past medical history and injuries are crucial to our customizing a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

2) Full Body Musculoskeletal Screen

  • We will perform a series of tests and measures designed to identify asymmetries and imbalances that may affect your running economy or impact your injury risk.

3) Running Analysis

  • Multi-Angle and Frame-by-Frame video gait analysis.
  • Dorsavi biomechanical analysis to determine your running efficiency,  mechanics and loading rates.
  • Full discussion and education on what is found in the assessment.

4) Training Review

  • Discussion with you regarding current training trends, goals and footwear to develop strategies to improve performance and decrease risk of injury.

5) Supplemental Strength and Mobility Program

  • Based on the testing and data collected, we will give you an exercise program that you can start today that is specific to helping you run more efficiently.
  • Movement enhancement drills to improve running form and economy