Part 1: Perfect Stride PT’s Power Training Series

Part 1: Perfect Stride PT’s Power Training Series

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Power training was something I never considered when it came to rehab. But as I’ve come into contact with other rehab specialists and personal trainers, power training has revealed itself as something that is seriously lacking in the rehab approach and, without it, we could be releasing our patients from treatment prematurely.

Until recently, my discharge process was similar to most other PTs and could be broken down into 4 words: “How does it feel?” If there was no pain and “it” looked good, then the patient was ready for discharge and transitioning to home exercise programs, personal training and return to sport.

After completing my CFSC and FMS certifications, however, I believe we’ve been categorizing PT exercises the wrong way – classifying them by body part (shoulder exercise, knee exercise, ankle exercise, etc.) rather than skill set (mobility, stability, motor control, etc.). I also believe power training is a necessary skill that most rehab specialists shy away from.

Why would we assign deadlifts to a person with neck or shoulder pain? Why give chops and lifts to people with ankle pain?

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