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We can help you perform at your best, even after injury.

We offer much more than just Physical Therapy here at Perfect Stride. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are also movement specialists who work with athletes and are able to merge the worlds of rehab and performance to help you reach all of your fitness goals while staying pain free. 

Our team of Performance Therapists are uniquely positioned not only to understand injury inside out but also understand movement better than anyone. We know how to get you back to crushing your training goals!

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What Our Clients Think

“The Perfect Stride monthly training program is a dream come true. . . First, there is an endless supply of Mobility/Stability/”PT” exercises out there. How do you choose? Second, “PT time” and “workout time” felt like inherently different activities that could easily keep me at the gym for hours. The Perfect Stride training program provides the structure that I need, thoughtfully weaving together mobility, stability and strength. It’s been fun to get a new program every 4 weeks and feel confident that I am challenging my body with a balanced and “PT-Approved” methodology.”


— Danielle P.  (5 Star Facebook Review)

We know What it Takes to Perform Your Best After an Injury

After being injured or experiencing pain from training, people will take a few different paths. People may reduce their activity level or stop altogether for a period of time. For some, this happens because they believe it’s impossible to exercise without pain or that all pain is bad pain. Therefore, they have to stop before causing increased harm to their body. For others, they want to return to being active but need guidance on how to do so safely and effectively. This is exactly why training with a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Perfect Stride is extremely beneficial. We understand injury, human movement, pain and how to get you moving at your best better than anyone else. Our Physical Therapists are uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness/performance.

“Your body does a remarkable job of adapting to what you do to it, or what you don’t do to it.”

After a thorough fitness assessment, a comprehensive training program will be structured and implemented that targets your goals, considers your injuries and your training preferences. Programs may include a home exercise regimen that is monitored and adjusted for progression on a periodic basis, core strengthening, cardiovascular training, functional training, stretching, mobility training, power development drills, postural education, sport specific training and much more. Your programming will be dependent on your goals, current fitness level, the resources that you have available and the results of your fitness assessment. A well-rounded program can help you improve your movement potential, make you stronger and also improve your sport specific performance. 

Both acute and overuse injuries commonly occur when people follow a one-size-fits-all workout plan or class that is not tailored to their needs, take on too much too quickly or unknowingly load certain movement patterns beyond their capabilities. Traditionally, Physical Therapy only treats a person through the healing of an injury and into recovery but then allows them to return to activities without return to activity testing, providing prevention education or the resources to succeed. We will see this all too often with athletes after surgery, they end up returning to sport too early and either reinjuring themselves or never returning to their full level of performance. 

Perfect Stride is revolutionizing the concept of physical and preventive health care by merging the worlds of physical rehab and fitness performance in our personal training services. We understand that after an injury you may be hesitant to jump back into your workouts, especially if you have a long history of injury, this is where we come in. We are uniquely positioned to help you recover from your injury and transition to safely training to achieve your fitness and sport related goals! 

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An injury occurs when a tissue’s ability to accept load exceeds its capacity. When this happens we enter the world of rehab, during which our goal is to keep you moving while we keep the loads associated with our rehab exercises/movements at or below the tissue capacity. However, during performance training, we are looking to raise the bar and increase the tissues capacity to accept load and force, thus making it more resilient and reducing your likelihood to be injured. 

Statistics show that 50% of personal training clients have special medical needs, such as arthritis, diabetes, or some type of physiological challenge. If you have any kind of underlying health condition or chronic disease that increases injury risk, the guidance from a Doctor of Physical Therapy experienced in both exercise and rehabilitation keeps you safe and on the right track. This is important because for the vast majority of chronic health problems, exercise can often help people manage their condition, reduce symptoms and move better. A Physical Therapist will be able to spot your limitations from the start, allowing for your training plan to incorporate exercises aligned with your fitness goals and also addressing your limitations, ultimately setting you up for long-term success.  

Training with Perfect Stride is tailored to your needs and goals. We can work with you on a regular basis to provide you more supervision, guidance and motivation as we execute your training plan. Perhaps you prefer to carry out your training on your own but need help developing a customized training plan? We can help by meeting with you and reviewing your personalized training program to ensure that you have a sound understanding of how to carry it out. Regardless of what you decide to do, you will always have access to your Physical Therapist and be able to ask them any questions you have. Reach out to us to get started or have your questions answered. 

The Performance Therapists at Perfect Stride serve all levels of clients, from the elite athlete to the everyday person seeking to lose weight or get fit. We offer programs tailored to your specific needs that will help you successfully achieve your personal fitness goals. All personal training programs begin with an in depth fitness assessment performed by a Physical Therapist. Key aspects that are evaluated include:

Are you new to training?

If you are new to training and hoping to learn the basics, don’t worry, we have you covered at Perfect Stride. We can teach you how to correctly use dumbbells, kettlebells,barbells, resistance bands and any other piece of training equipment that you may come across. Our highly trained team of Performance Therapists can safely get you introduced to the world of training and monitor you each step of the way. 

The goal of training with your Physical Therapist at Perfect Stride it to improve your joint health, mobility, motor control and strength. This will build the strong and long lasting foundation that you need for achieving all of your personal goals such as: making your body leaner, increasing your muscle tone, getting stronger, increasing your mobility, improving your cardiovascular endurance and any other traits you are looking to improve. We are in the business of building resilient humans that are ready to take on anything that life throws your way!

We offer a wide range of services for your movement needs. Our team of Performance Therapists can evaluate you and create a plan consistent with your goals that you can perform to feel your best. Some of the services that may be included in your plan are listed below:

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