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We offer much more than just Physical Therapy here at Perfect Stride. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are also certified strength and conditioning specialists with hands-on experience in the field. We believe this helps us stand out as Physical Therapists. We merge the worlds of rehab and performance to help you reach all of your fitness goals while staying pain free.

Our team of Performance Therapists not only understand injury inside out, they understand movement better than anyone, and know how to get you back to living life at its fullest. 

“The Perfect Stride monthly training program is a dream come true. . . First, there is an endless supply of Mobility/Stability/”PT” exercises out there. How do you choose? Second, “PT time” and “workout time” felt like inherently different activities that could easily keep me at the gym for hours. The Perfect Stride training program provides the structure that I need, thoughtfully weaving together mobility, stability and strength. It’s been fun to get a new program every 4 weeks and feel confident that I am challenging my body with a balanced and “PT-Approved” methodology.”




When people get injured or experience pain while exercising or training they often reduce their level of activity or stop altogether for a period of time. For some, this is because they believe it’s impossible for them to exercise without pain or causing increased harm to their body. For others, they want to return to being active but need guidance on how to do so safely and effectively. This is where personal training with a Doctor of Physical Therapy can be extremely beneficial. Physical Therapists are uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance/activity.

After a thorough fitness assessment, a comprehensive program will be structured and implemented that targets your goals. Programs may include a home exercise regimen that is monitored and adjusted for progression on a periodic basis, core strengthening, cardiovascular training, functional training, stretching, mobility training, power development drills, postural education and much more. Your programming will be dependent on your goals, current fitness level, the resources that you have available and the results of your fitness assessment. 

Also, both acute and overuse injuries commonly occur when people follow one-size-fits-all workout plans or classes that are not tailored to their needs — or someone may be unknowingly using poor form. Traditionally physical therapy only treats a person through the healing of an injury and into recovery but then allows them to return to activities without return to activity testing, prevention education and resources.  Perfect Stride is revolutionizing the concept of physical and preventive health care by merging the worlds of physical rehab and fitness performance in our personal training services. 

Statistics show that 50% of personal trainers’ clients have special medical needs, such as arthritis, diabetes, or some type of physiological challenge.  If you have any kind of underlying health condition or chronic disease that increases injury risk,  the guidance from a Doctor of Physical Therapy experienced in both exercise and rehabilitation keeps you safe and on the right track.  This is important because for the vast majority of chronic health problems, exercise can often help people manage their condition and reduce symptoms.  For example, people with diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage from diabetes) should avoid high-impact exercises as they work out to maintain and improve their nerve and vascular health.  Likewise,  people with different types of arthritis would benefit from increasing strength and joint stability without further damaging cartilage and joint surfaces. 

The Performance Therapists at Perfect Stride serve all levels of clients, from the elite athlete to the everyday person seeking to lose weight or get fit. We offer programs tailored to your specific needs that will help you successfully achieve your personal fitness goals. All personal training programs begin with an in depth fitness assessment performed by a Physical Therapist. Key aspects that are evaluated include:

We offer a wide range of services for your movement needs. Our team of Performance Therapists can evaluate you and create a plan consistent with your goals that you can perform to feel your best. Some of the services that may be included in your plan are listed below:

In addition to sport specific training, if you’re interested in a strength training at Perfect Stride you can learn how to effectively use free weights, dumbbells, barbells along with resistance bands, and kettlebells to build up your endurance, mobility and muscle mass. The goal of physical therapy strength training is to improve your joint health and mobility. This will build the strong foundation you need for achieving all of your other goals such as: making your body lean, toned, mobile, strong, and most importantly, amazingly efficient. Contact us to learn more.


We treat a wide range of injuries and conditions. However, one things remains common, we are committed to listening to you, optimizing your function and seeking the best outcome possible for you, the individual. Each patient is provided a specific diagnosis and a individualized treatment program.


We offer a lot more than just Physical Therapy here at Perfect Stride. Our therapists hold numerous advanced certifications and are industry leaders who have been reshaping how Physical Therapy and Movement Intervention is provided. Our team of Performance Physical Therapists not only understand injury inside out, they understand movement and know how to get you back into the game. 


Your Physical Therapy experience will be tailored to facilitate an efficient and healthy recovery. Every patient’s treatment plan is structured and designed based on the root cause of their problem; there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our therapists hold numerous advanced certifications and are industry leaders who have been reshaping how Physical Therapy is provided. Treatment at Perfect Stride is always unique to the individual, click on the topic below to learn more.

We understand that making decisions about your health are very important and can be difficult. To better assist you
in making this decision and answering your questions about how Perfect Stride can best help you, we offer FREE 15 minute discovery calls with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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