The Maitland Manual Therapy Approach in New York City

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Techniques & Methods

Joint mobilizations are one of many tools we use to treat various conditions for various joints.  The Maitland® Manual Therapy approach understands individuals can be categorized into two categories – pain dominant and stiffness dominant. These categorizations are helpful in working with you and determining which type and grade of mobilizations should be performed on the affected area of your injury or pain.  

The Maitland® Approach is a diagnostic approach recognized as the foundation of modern day Orthopedic Manual Therapy. It centers primarily on the assessment and treatment of the patient’s signs and symptoms to develop an effective plan of treatment for any functional disorders in the joint, muscle, and nervous system. 

What makes the Maitland® Concept broadly adopted is in addition to joint mobilization and manipulation of the body, the concept makes use of neurodynamic techniques, mobility training, stabilizing exercises and specifically adapted exercises the patient can manage to perform at their home. The system incorporates 3 equally weighted components of evidence based practice that include: 1) the best available research based evidence, 2) clinical expertise, and 3) patient values, this will ensure that the patient is receiving the best possible care and results that they can. 

The Maitland® Approach is excellent for diagnosing:

  • back and disc complaints
  • neck and cervical spine problems
  • arthritis e.g. in the hip, knee or spine
  • facial pain, headaches and mandibular problems
  • nerve irritation such as hands “falling asleep”, sciatica
  • knee pain stemming from a ligament or meniscus injury
  • elbow dysfunction and or pain, 
  • complaints relating to the hand (fracture or carpal tunnel)
  • foot problems born from torn ligaments