Titleist (TPI) Physical Therapy for Golfers in New York City


TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is the premier educational organization focused on the study of how the human body functions in context to the swinging of a golf club.   Since its founding in 2003, Titleist Performance Institute has analyzed thousands of golfers ranging from the top professionals to weekend hobbyists. 

A tremendous amount of data on players of all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels has been accumulated and analyzed over this time. After analyzing this accumulated data, TPI has learned and modeled how a properly functioning body enables a player to swing a golf club with the most efficiency. In addition to this, TPI has learned how and which physical limitations in a golfer’s body can adversely affect their club swing and possibly lead to injury. 

We are proud to have TPI certified clinicians at Perfect Stride who are able to transfer the body of knowledge of the Titleist Performance Institute to you.  We can identify any faults in your golf swing and help you eliminate any physical limitations and barriers, thus ensuring your body is physically able to produce the most efficient golf swing possible.

Upon completion of the TPI evaluation we will tailor a workout program specific to address your needs. Whether your evaluation identifies that you need work on mobility, strength, stability, power, fitness, or any combination of these – we will develop a program specifically tailored to you. By eliminating the physical restrictions and limitations in your body associated with your golf swing, you will be able to perform optimally and lower your handicap.   

Whether you are a beginner golfer, weekend golfer or on the professional tour, our golf physical therapy rehab program will work for you. Benefits to this unique program include:

  • Corrective exercise application
  • Decreased painful movement patterns
  • Decreased risk of further injury
  • Education in weight training for golf
  • Golf training exercises and fitness programs
  • Play the game of golf with greater efficiency
  • Strength training specific to golf
  • Total body movement assessment

Strength and flexibility training for golf along with golf exercise training are essential aspects of improving your golf game – and staying healthy.