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We Can Help You Improve the Health of All Employees

The Perfect Stride Workplace Wellness program refers to a comprehensive and coordinated set of initiatives to meet the health and safety needs of all of your employees. Perfect Stride Physical Therapists understand the science of ergonomics and human movement and can identify safety and health risks onsite. We can then implement a plan to improve employee health, reduce injuries and workers’ comp claims.

As Physical Therapists we are movement experts and know how to modify your workspace, offer suggestions for ergonomic equipment to benefit workplace demands, incorporate quick and easy workstation based exercises into your day and also change your company movement culture to promote increased worker satisfaction and health. 

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Our Workplace Wellness Services Can Help:


With our help, you will be able to implement easy changes into your workplace culture that will promote movement and health while also reducing the risk for injury among employees. As your workplace embraces the notion of movement as medicine, you will notice that productivity will increase while injury rates will reduce.


We are able to offer insights into your workstation setup to promote improved health. However, our services offer much more than just an ergonomics assessment. We know that just changing your workstation set up is only a start and that the true answer to workplace health has many components. We look deeper than others and recommend quick and effective exercises and education that can be implemented into the day to help reduce your risk for developing injury at the workplace.


As employees begin to implement our suggestions and reduce their likelihood of developing injuries, they will be less likely to request time off due to injury and also not have to request time off to make medical appointments throughout the day thus increasing your workplace efficiency! .


Employees are the lifeblood of any company, they are the ones that make everything possible. By offering the Perfect Stride Workplace Wellness services you are showing them that you value them and their well being and that you are willing to invest in them. This is a truly unique service that can also be used to attract top talent to your company!

Physical Therapy Services For the Workplace:

Through personalized training your employees learn how to use efficient lifting techniques, adopt better body alignment, what role posture plays in their workplace health and employ exercises that will improve their flexibility and strength in order to keep performing their jobs without injury or pain. Our comprehensive workplace analysis will prevent injuries , improve body mechanics and the overall health of the workforce. 

Movement Assessment and Intervention

We asses how you move and provide a Home Exercise Program that is targeted towards you primary impairments. This is designed for those wanting to be proactive and identify movement dysfunction before it becomes a serious issue.

Physical Therapy

We are rehab and movement experts, let us bring our award winning services to you. This service may be provided at the workplace, online or at our Union Square clinic

Workplace Ergonomic Screenings

Ergonomic training increases employee awareness and compliance with sound health and wellness practices throughout the workplace. Our program supports healthy emotional, mental, and physical well-being through various opportunities offered to employees.

Workplace Wellness Talks

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can educate employees about the vital role of posture, ergonomics and movement in the workplace and how it can help to reduce injury risk and increase productivity. We will provide participants practical and effective tools for keeping healthy and mobile which will in turn help to reduce injury, sick days and increase productivity

Workplace Fitness

This is an interactive and fun team building activity. Our experts lead a workstation based workout that can be done in your work clothes (no sweating involved) and involves movements to promote health from your workstation.

We offer discounted corporate rates for workplace wellness services.

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What Our Clients Think

“Vikash + his team at Perfect Stride have been nothing short of fantastic brand partners. We’ve set up a corporate rate with my team from a boutique boxing studio to have our instructors see him weekly . . .” We are all blown away by him + his team’s knowledge, + education. Having this corporate partnership has allowed our entire team to be taken care of and we know we are in good hands – literally!”


– Jenna S (5 Star Google Review)

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